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Bloody hands strangle the city...

English - German version of the game is completely sold out


Beneath the illusion of sophistication there is ever a savage fi ght for power. As always, the law serves the greedy. Corrupt politicians favor the most persuasive. Thelocal police and feds alike share the profi ts like so much sweet cake. As the head of your Mafi a family, you struggle for control of the city against others like yourself. Each part of the city plays a role in your plans. Actions must be swift and merciless. Underestimate no one. One wrong move is unforgiveable. Through a shadowy hitman you instill fear. But around that iron fi st, a velvet glove. You must dance the social dance, pulling strings among the elite. Dance well and you’ll be well placed to execute your plans with ruthless precision… …this city will be yours!

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